Environmental Auditing

The Environmental Audit is an important component of the Environmental Management System of a company. Results of the Environmental Audit give to the company's management detailed recommendations for efficient use of natural resources and minimization of negative impact on the environment.

Recommendations of the Environmental Audit may give real benefits to the company. Assessment of environmental activities of the company allows decreasing of environmental, information and commercial risks related with taking of business decisions. Besides the independence of environmental auditors ensures objectivity of the expert statements, thereby it is appreciated by the public opinion in the countries with developed industries and on the international markets.

Main objectives of the Environmental Audit are the following:

assessment of the current environmental activities of the company and development of recommendations for their improvements,

improvements of personnel qualification,

preparation to implementation of Environmental Management System.

Providing of independent Environmental Audit of the company – requirements of many Russian and International financial institutions and banks (for instance, IBRD, EBRD) when they negotiate conditions of financing. Environmental Report is an important part of the Feasibility Study, prepared in accordance with requirements of those institutions.

Enizan has fulfilled a number of projects, required expertise and experience in environmental issues. We have qualified personnel for providing of Environmental Audits.