Infrared Imaging

One of the ways of determining areas of heat losses from the heat consuming equipment and buildings and the equipment diagnostics in the framework of energy audit is Infrared Imaging. It is used for the following purposes:

· revealing and identification of hidden defects of buildings envelops

· evaluation of the construction works quality

· checking of thermal characteristics of buildings and equipments envelopes for compliance with existing norms and design

· checking of electric contactors and current-carrying parts of electric equipment

Thermovision Camera is used for carrying out of Infrared Imaging. A Thermovision Camera is a photo camera taking picture in the infrared radiation. This device allows receiving of heat distribution on a surface with accuracy down to 0.1 °. Thermovision Cameras may differ in design but they are based on the same principle of operation. Modern Thermovision Camera is a digital device which registers infrared radiation emitted by a investigated object and defines temperature or converts it into a visual picture of distribution of thermal fields on the surface of the subject. The image of thermal fields of the investigated surfaces looks like areas with different colors. The lighter area the higher temperature and higher heat loss.

Infrared Imaging gives the following opportunities:

Revealing of hidden defects of thermal insulation

Infrared Imaging shows visually presents or absents of hidden defects in thermal insulation.

Expertise of problematic construction sites

Obligatory control of construction works quality increases responsibility of workers at all stages of construction.

Checking of repair works quality

Infrared Imaging allows identifying the weakest areas of an object to be repaired. Availability of this information helps providing better quality and lower cost for repair. Infrared Imaging after repair allows to assess quality of repair works.

Diagnostic of electric equipment

Infrared Imaging is the most effective method for checking of various types of electric equipments – from hidden low voltage wiring and lighting switches inside the buildings to high voltage distribution equipment, power transmission lines and transformers. The checking could be carried out without breaks in power supply; moreover 50% load at least is needed for providing of proper test. Infrared Imaging of electric equipment allows exposing defects on early stage of their development and undertaking timely measures for fixing.

Enizan offers to our clients providing of heat engineering research using Infrared Imaging. We have got a modern Thermovision Camera, relevant software and qualified specialists. As a result of our work the client will receive a detailed report including images, conclusions and recommendation for fixing of discovered faults in the equipment and improving its energy efficiency.