About Company

Enizan is specialising in providing energy efficiency, municipal infrastructure enhancement, environmental and management consultancy services to industrial enterprises, municipalities, budgetary and commercial organisations.

Our policy – to offer the high quality services in accordance with requirements and wishes of the clients, taking into account the real economic situation.

The Company was founded in 1994 on a partnership between highly qualified professionals who had a training in the UK and have had the experience of working in energy and environmental sectors.

Enizan is now able to offer services to both Russian and Western organisations and brings the following benefits:

· understanding of the economic environment in Russia and the needs and problems of Russian enterprises and each particular client

· capability to provide the level of service satisfying both Russian and international requirements

· proven track record of projects with many Western consulting firms

· highly qualified and experienced personnel, speaking both English and Russian languages

· combination of technical knowledge and skills with an experience of undertaking of economical and financial analysis of various investment projects

· competitive fee rates.

The list of our clients includes the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the British Governmental Know How Fund, Administrations of Moscow, Nijnyi Novgorod and Belgorod Regions, Lukoil Company, Mosvodocanal, The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, EU Tacis and THERMIE Programmes, various investment funds, numerous enterprises and companies.

The company's office is located in Moscow where we have a full range of office and communication facilities, as well as a set of essential portable equipment for energy systems analysis.

Enizan closely cooperates with a number of leading energy efficiency and environmental organisations and institutes and can supplement own experience by drawing on the services of a small number of their experienced associates for specific technical tasks.

Enizan is one of few independent energy and environmental consultancies operating in Russia today. Enizan provides the following services to its clients.