Development of the Energy Passports

Obligation of energy consumers to assure energy auditing is regulated by the following normative documents:

Federal low "About Energy Conservation" No 28-FZ dated 3 April 1996

"Recommendations for conducting of energy audits", issued by Minpromenergo of the RF No 141 dated 4 July 2006

Decree of the RF Government "About additional measures for stimulations of energy conservation in Russia", No 588 dated 15 June 1998

Orders of the Ministry for Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation No 265, No 267, No 268, No 269 dated 4 October 2005, No 3 dated 13 January 2006

In accordance with the above normative documents the following documentation should be issued based on the results of energy audit:

Energy audit report including the results of measurements, calculations and fuel and energy balances

Energy Passport, e.g. the document designed in compliance with the GOST R513379-99 including energy balances, evaluation of energy efficiency, energy efficiency programme to be implemented by the audited company.